The Second Johnny Mackintosh book

If you’ve come to this site because you’re desperate to discover more about the sequel to Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London (and who could blame you), you’re in the right place. Finally, the full manuscript for Johnny Mackintosh: Star Blaze is with Quercus Books and in production, due to publish early in 2010.

Supernova image SN2006gyThe Star Blaze of the title is what we might normally call a supernova, the moment a star explodes at the end of its life. At that time, the light from a single sun will outshine the rest of its galaxy.

Of course it would be wrong to tell you what happens, but I have to say I’m very excited about the new book. I can say the action begins around five months after the end of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London and that you should check back soon as I’ll be posting a little taster…

[Image: artist’s impression of Supernova SN2007gy, courtesy NASA/CXC/M.Weiss; X-ray: NASA/CXC/UC Berkeley/N.Smith et al.; IR: Lick/UC Berkeley/J.Bloom & C.Hansen]


6 Responses to “The Second Johnny Mackintosh book”

  1. Well, sounds brillant. cant wait till next year than, why have to be so long away=(

  2. keithmansfield Says:

    It’ll come round really quickly! Seriously, it takes some time to physically produce a book and the publisher also needs a few months to prepare their marketing and publicity material. But very glad you’re pleased it’s on the way.

  3. arghhhhh I read your book and like wuz so addicted to it plsss make starblaze come to Malaysia!!!!

    • keithmansfield Says:

      Great you liked it, Daniel – v good to hear from you. I have reports of the first book being seen in different places around the world, so it may well be Star Blaze reaches Malaysia. Really hope so.

  4. Wim Tibackx Says:

    Dear sir Mansfield,

    At first, I find it great news to hear that there will be a second book. Do you have any news on the dutch translation? (Will there be any, when will it be there?, …)

    A translation in Esperanto would also be nice :) (but possibly unrealistic?)

    • keithmansfield Says:

      Hi Wim. Esperanto? I suspect we’ll have to rule that out. I haven’t heard about a Dutch translation, so will drop my Editor at Prometheus a line to see if there are plans. In the meanwhile, as a thank you for your enthusiasm for the book, I’ve sent you an email with an early Christmas present!

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