Milky Way News Network

Johnny Mackintosh: Star Blaze introduces us to the galaxy’s 24/7 rolling news service, the Milky Way News Network. The broadcasts are fronted  by double-headed (some might argue two-faced) flying reporter, Z’habar Z’habar Estagog. Without even knowing this, I’ve been sent news clippings from readers imagining how Johnny and Clara’s arrival on Melania (the galaxy’s capital) might have been reported. I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

The Talamine Times

Terrans set foot on Melania

Melania News

If you’d like to send me your own news reports or want me to link to Johnny Mackintosh videos, drop me a line at keith[at] (replacing the “[at]” with the regular email symbol.


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  1. […] latest change to the website is the addition of the Milky Way News Network, a place for readers’ versions of how the events in the Johnny Mackintosh books might have […]

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