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Battle for Earth is Published!

Posted in Battle for Earth, Extracts with tags , , , , , , on September 1, 2011 by keithmansfield

Hurrah! Johnny Mackintosh: Battle for Earth publishes today (Thursday 1st September, 2011). To celebrate, here’s my first ever attempt at a computer-based audio recording . Click the “play” symbol and you’ll get to hear me reading from the opening of the book. On the days after publication I’ll follow it up with three shorter extracts, so keep coming back for more.

Chapter 1, Part 1:

Chapter 1, Part 2 (added 2nd Sept 2011):

Chapter 1, Part 3 (added 3rd Sept 2011):

Chapter 1, Part 4 (added 4th Sept 2011):

Congratulations if you’ve listened all the way through to the end of the fourth clip. I hope it encourages you to read on. It’s always good to support your local bookshop but if you’d prefer to buy the book online, of course that’s great.


Cover preview of Johnny Mackintosh: Battle for Earth

Posted in Battle for Earth, Book news with tags , , , , , on January 3, 2011 by keithmansfield

Here’s a sneak preview of what you have to look forward to later in 2011:

I’ve been lucky to have had three absolutely fabulous cover designs so far, each striking but different. They all have their strengths, but what this one does is tie the story to Earth in the here and now, which is always something I’ve been very keen on. When books are branded “science fiction” it can suggest “a long time ago in a galaxy faraway” and immediately exclude 95% of your potential audience. Of course I love the genre, but have always tried to write for a general readership.

I do like that bold, slanted text, which I’ve not seen on other books. Perhaps, as word of Johnny Mackintosh spreads, we’ll be able to re-cover all the books so they match and we can establish a series identity.

Happy New Year!