East End Life

You can read the whole interview by clicking on the image. It’s good to see the actual printed page, as the paper also has a cover image and a heading of “Intergalactic Adventure” at the top to draw people in. And apologies to Irvine Welsh whose books I’ve always enjoyed, but I couldn’t help smiling that Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London was the main article in the books section, while the local launch of Welsh’s novel Crime was relegated to a stub column at the side.

If it’s taking too long to load the images, you can read the bare bones text-only interview instead.


2 Responses to “East End Life”

  1. Katie Richardson Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    i was wondering if you could please put me in touch with mr Mansfield? I am a primary school teacher currently reading Johnny and the spirit of London to my Year 6 class, we are basing an entire unit of work around it and completing lots of work based on the story and the Gherkin – we’re going to visit the gherkin next week!

    I would love to talk to him about the possibility of an email or letter to the children – we can obviously write too – they love the book,

    many thanks,

    Katie Richardson

    • keithmansfield Says:

      Hi Katie

      Thanks for this, which is the sort of message any author loves to receive. I did respond immediately via email, but haven’t heard anything so am also replying here in case it didn’t reach you. Do let me know. I said I’d be delighted to write, but might also be able to come and visit once I’ve got a few things out of the way if that worked for you.

      Very jealous of your trip to the Gherkin. Maybe one day they’ll let me in too!


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